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We're very happy to have another zine from TIM HUCK in the shop. He's a traditional american style tattoo artist with a clever twist. He's put out these zines of potential flash designs for the last few years and they just keep on coming. Simple black and white drawings of the most random shit mixed in with tattoo meme riffage in fully filled pages; a full body suit zine. Tim works at Key City Tattoos in Maryland, so if you get the zine and want any of these on your body forever, hit him up. 


Is it really so strange?...  a frog with a pole spear frog-gig, snoopy sending a flying kick into a cowboy kermit the frog, a flip phone calling yr mom, an emaciated greyhound with a severed arm in its mouth, casper reading an anarchist zine, conjoined twin cherubs, a bowling alley ashtray filled to the brim with butts, a fallen jester. It could even be a super-strange coloring book if you want.


  • first edition
    40 pages, double sided black and white printing on thick white paper, yellow cardstock cover, staple bound  - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: TIM HUCK - 2024
    the DMV zone

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