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Here's another zine from the prolific Nick Zaremba. 11:11pm takes the toss-out drawings that all writers obsessively make all day (and night) long, and rips them up into an account of graffiti in a blender; mixed well with an incomplete 3D. If you were around Brooklyn in the mid 00s, you might remember the faces and names from certain street spots. If you weren't there, maybe you remember Project SF. Nick was down with that... since then, he's done a lot more (like work with Pepsi, Bodega, and Vans). This zine hints back at his street origins and how they still creep back in the brain, at 11:11pm.



SKU: 0006
  • comes with a postcard and two printed stickers from NICK Z

    second edition of 28 copies, hand numbered
    18 page full color printing on thick paper, staple bound - 8.5" x 5.5"

    design & production: NICK ZAREMBA - 2022
    Northeastern, USA

    ** Postage paid in the US **

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