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ADER: the NYC transit tunnel creeper king, the Brooklyn bomber, the postal sticker crusher. These are the memories formed by issues of Mass Appeal, trips to New York in the late 90s, and many years of walking those same streets in the 00's. Just when you think you know, a zine like this comes along and schools you on the backstory.

YOU WASN'T THERE takes the shape of the typical zine produced by Swift Hands. It's a Japanese paper size, with many pages folded over, a hand drawn insert, and a metal tape binding. Besides the material uniqueness of the zine, it's content takes the reader on an adventure through the streets of Osaka, on military aircraft somewhere over the sea, in an tagged up training site in Mozambique, and back to ADER's home of BK. Most photos have subtitle notes to fill you in on the history. Shots of spots by VEEFER, DUEL, GREY, SURE, WANTO, and more.

Comes with a few stickers, some drawn and some printed from ADER and friends. Also comes with a 4" x 4" drawing by ADER on a wood block - suitable for framin'

first edition of 15 - signed and numbered
8.5" x 5.5" - 66 page black and white printing on white paper with color printed cover, custom bound

design : Rob ADER - 2020
production : Swift Hands Zines - 2020