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We are proud to offer this zine which has a very unique concept and high quality execution. Tae One is a blank label / hand drawn sticker aficionado. He has scoured the thrift stores, old office supply stores, and the internet to gather the most unique and never before seen name badges, You know, the "Hello my name is..." type but also so much more. He found slaps from Bozo the Clown, Coors beer, OG Star Wars circa 1977, and even a Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation backstage pass. Yes, super strange and cutty as hell.

This would be cool all by itself, but Tae One called in his contacts to add their custom signature on top, making this a niche graffiti culture exclusive. He's got the old school; Les, Bio, Kaws, Ader, Felon, Ket, Desa, Same, Pez. He's got the middle school; Left, Merk, Cash 4, Smells, Ekg, Hert, Soviet. And he's got some new school; Rukus, Dak, Pork. To add to this plethora of information, Tae has also included a page by page index featuring the writers' names and the origins of the stickers.
Super nerdy, super special, and perfect for slap fiends.

Comes with one blank vintage blank, three tagged labels from Tae One, and another hand drawn label from a featured heavyweight

first edition of 120 - signed and numbered
8.5" x 5.5" - 34 page full color printing on high quality slick paper with color printed cardstock cover

design & production : Tae One - 2019