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TAE ONE's graffiti sticker archive should be considered a national treasure. His deep knowledge of those who have marked up New York City's streets mixed with his incessant scouring of yard sales, Ebay auctions, and dust bin digging for the origins of adhesive badges and promotional stickers has created a one-of-a-kind collection. He's got slaps from Batman & Spiderman, Wu Tang Clan & Death Row, Black Flag & Barbie, Boy Scouts & Bozo, all wrecked up by the likes of JESSE, CLAW, SP ONE, MUK 123, VAMP, KEL 5MH, ALONE, and so many more. TAE fills the pages with old school knowledge, vintage advertising, and illustrations of NYC from the dirty days.

Issue #4 has quite a few special features; a reprint of an old school REVS poster, a reprint of pages from STICKEM UP #2 from 1994, and 10 packed pages of tags from TAE's blackbook. The Stickem Up pages are golden, with early 90's dates and locations where the stickers were found. JA, COST, TWIST, SABE, IZ, GIZ, VE. The blackbook pages are unreal, with a can-man sketch from FREEDOM, throws from LIONS & MEGA, RIP... KEZ5, BAK, ZNO, SAME, ZEXOR, STAY HIGH, and too many people in the game passing over. These zines should be collected as a text book and studied in NYC's public schools. Educate yourself.

Comes with a couple of rare blank vintage labels from TAE ONE's archive and a couple of pre-tagged hand drawn labels from the NYC sticker guru himself.

first edition of 150 - signed and numbered
8.5" x 5.5" - 42 page full color printing on high quality slick paper with color printed cardstock cover

design & production: Tae One - 2020