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TAE ONE grew up in NYC after the initial subway golden years of graffiti and before the art-market and commercial acceptance of writers. He came on during the late 90's street bombing scene (quick and fast ups), and while the record labels & indie movies were pushing the concept of street teams (poorly paid sticker, poster, and sticker bangers promoting someone else's product). TAE keeps it dirty with a thick zine full of key writers from that chrome age of graffiti and street hustlers. Vintage Badges #3 is full of kings; an essential for those who know.

There are pages of tagged labels from RD 357, Year Irak, Web, Inkhead & Phonoh, Jest, Gano, Ojae, Nato, Teo, News, the Ruiner, and so many more. Throw in a good story about RD tagging up paintings in the middle of a 90s era art show. Add to it some classic photos of young writers (TAE!!) back when NYC had that grit. Wrap it all up with some old school breakdance stickers and you just had your history lesson for the day. Teacher Taeone presiding.

Comes with quite a few rare blank vintage labels from TAE ONE's archive and a couple of pre-tagged hand drawn labels from the NYC sticker guru himself.

first edition of 200 - signed and numbered
8.5" x 5.5" - 38 page full color printing on high quality slick paper with color printed cardstock cover

design & production: Tae One - 2020