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When someone can gather custom hand drawn stickers from Cost, Revs, Markey, Zepher, Freedom, Keo, 323, Gen II, Faust, Felon, Muk 123, Gouch, Ruen, Pez, Cash 4, Same (rip), Pen 1, (((ekg))), Hael, Kook, Trap, Espo, Desa, Giz, Les, Kaws, and so many more, one might ask, "Who is this guy?". Well, TAE ONE is just your regular old 'round-the-way, sticker addicted, old school New Yorker with a obsession to share.

In his second zine, TAE ONE showcases rare paper labels like you have never seen. It has blanks from Atari, Colt 45, OG USPS, Nixon, Weightwatchers, and what may be the original 1950's 'Hello my Name is...' slaps courtesy of Jack Bill Badges. VINTAGE BADGES takes the power of stickers back from street artists, and into the realm of the graffito as quick pen and ink signatures that may last longer than a spray tag.

Comes with a grip of stickers from the Cut In The Fence back catalog. We promise 5 hand drawn and quite a few printed ones.

first edition of 146 - signed and numbered
8.5" x 5.5" - 34 page full color printing on high quality slick paper with color printed cardstock cover

design & production : Tae One - 2020