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Subversive #4 takes you deep into the mind of midwestern freight heads reading stylized names off of autoracks, tall and long perforated metal sided freight trains that carry new cars from the ports to the heart of America. These trains are a special catch, and entertain a subculture all their own. Get your piece of the action with this shiny new zine from PINES HB.

Subversive has returned with another dense zine packed with full color freights and more. Issue Four is still dominated by crispy photos of graffiti pieces on autoracks; writers from both coasts and between, classics, wholecars, & internet ready paint schemes. There are healthy servings of FBOXs and oddball hoppers too, mixed in with a wall or two. Also features a two page interview with Miami based, PAN PKC.

Comes with a baggie of printed stickers, hand-drawn labels, and a wallet-sized card explaining your Miranda Rights.

first edition of 50 copies
38 page full color laser printing on text weight paper

design & production : PINES HB - 2019