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PINES is at it again with his next installment of niche freight thought for midwest metalheads. The Subversive #3 merges high quality printing and uniform image framing with a special selection of painted USA freight. It's underground in perspective and mainstream in aesthetic.

If you have been paying attention to The Subversive over the last year, you will not be surprised to see such a superior product in Issue #3. The Subversive's evolution from a unique double mini format, to a black and white straight-forward graff zine, to this full color celebration of freights from the middle of America. Almost all the flicks are of flat-sides, autoracks, or whole cars with the exception of two great interviews with freight legend COUPE, and classic crusher JPEG. For those who breathe this stuff, #3 is an essential.

comes with printed stickers, blank labels, hand-drawn labels, and a limited edition print from PAN PKC

first edition of 50.
48 page full color laser printing on text weight paper

design & production : PINES HB - 2018