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Testimony/Legend is an epic hybrid grand statement from the graffiti theorist, ((( ekg ))). A must-have for those living on the esoteric outskirts of graffiti culture. This essential publication features an in-depth essay on the origins of contemporary graffiti and the meaning behind the symbols, signs, and styles used in his visionary street experiments.

Testimony/Legend contains ((( ekg )))'s 2013 essay, "Testimony: Writing Degree Oblivion" & his labs notes on Grand Semiotic Unification Theory, "Legend: A Lexigraphic Systemology." Both pieces sum up a conceptual autobiography of this elusive and unique artist. The poster-sized format is perfect for your bedroom wall or a finely crafted picture frame.

Comes with customized modular pulse stickers on an archival comic bag and an orange sakura ekg postal sticker.

first edition of 1000
limited edition for Cut in the Fence of 20
36" x 24" b/w on newsprint with hand-drawn orange pencil ekg pulse signature

design & production : ((( EKG ))) - 2013 to 2018