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Spray Snakes #2 is a drop straight from the brain of BZEE (de los NSF, y MC). His juicy, comical letter styles and characters have come to life in this collection of comic strips and shoebox flicks. The comix are all recollections of special moments from his past; Cousin Sheila visits from the Bronx and tags up a wooden sheet in the middle of the woods, racking paint and running into David Bowie on the getaway, and getting so high that he's afraid to cross the street. Real life stories told like an acid flashback from the 90's.

This is more than just a twisted graffiti tinged comic book. BZEE also threw in lots of photos of his pieces from the NY/NJ area, with the homies LYES, PHONE, VIETNAM, SPORT, KEMOS, CECS, and more. Add in some abstracted stencil-based spray details to wash the visual palate clean, and you've got a unique graff zine from a steady graffiti participant whos been painting since the mid '90s.

comes with a hand drawn sticker from BZEE; various label styles.

second edition of 20 - signed and numbered
26 page color printing on matte paper with perfect bound cover - 8.5" x 11"

** Postage Paid in the USA **

design & production : BZEE - 2022
New Yawk, New Yawk, USA