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SPLIFF ZONE does the lifestyle photo zine format some good. The photos are carefully paired to create dialogue, tension, and reconsideration on every new read. There is still plenty of graff to keep your attention: an Ichabod end-to-end, Next & Skrew, and someone drawing a penis on a car window in the snow to name a few. But beyond that, this zine lays down it's own atmosphere, something that is pretty unique in this genre.

Buffalo NY - BUMMER PLANET: smokestacks, holes in fences, trestles, culverts, alleyways, freeways, boarded up windows, and junk houses. Moody black and white photos feel like a passport to the other side. Hidden in plain sight, figures navigate the border lands of twilight... enter the spliff zone.

Comes with two minibuttons and a Bummer Planet infosheet.

first edition of 50 copies
26 page black & white printing with color cardstock cover and vellum slip

design & production : Bummer Planet - 2019