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Social Suicide #2 feels like a new spin on an old-school anarchist reader. It shares the same dark pages full of toner, and the same interwoven text outlining how governmental and corporate greed are fucking up the lives of marginalized consumers.

However, this zine also has the Under The Radar group's compelling photography showing people clearly crossing the line, in many various ways; riding on a shoebox sized grate attached to a speeding train, looking off the top extension of construction cranes, creeping through sewer tunnels, inside massive vacant factories, and amidst the bowels of this corporate machine. Social Suicide #2 sends us an important question from Vienna where we see that we are not alone in the midst of everything that made 2020 the year that changed everything. Fuck the system?

first edition of 55 copies
36 page double sided black and white printing on thick laser paper with cardstock cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

** Postage paid in the US **

design: Under The Radar Infiltration - 2020
production: Cut In The Fence - 2020