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Side Bust #2 is another transmission from the republic of Texas, where legends are made. JSEN's photo collection shines with obscure flicks from all your favorites printed in vivid color.

Side Bust is back with it's second issue, packed with the same variety of classic 00's Texas kingpins, doing colorful pieces, throws, tags, and classic trains. There's more unseen flicks of Kids, Vomiter, Spoter, Jesse, Phicks, Early, and their cohort. I'm super jazzed on classic Onorock, Lead, Necs, Tre, Merz, Kape, and a two-page Nace; all on some vintage freight. If you're an old head like me, or if you think that stuff is cool, check this zine out.

comes with a 4" x 6" color photo, a large-scale full color Jsen postal sticker, and tons of assorted printed stickers

First Edition of 300, hand numbered
50 pages double-sided color inkjet printed, 4.25" x 5.5" with a cardstock cover

design & production : JSEN - 2018