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If you are from the early 2000's graffiti generation, or just appreciate the work of that era, this is the zine for you. Texas' golden years are in full effect with pieces, throws, tags, and freights from 4DC, DAC, A2M, HD and more. Side Bust fills another missing piece in the bi-coastal US graffiti conversation.

Side Bust is a treasure trove of images from many of my favorite writers; Kids, Jesse, Debt, Spoter, Worms, Lewis, Ghouls, & Broke. If you are looking to retro your color schemes, get the color edition. But if you are looking for a back-to-basics on simples with funk and flow, the black and white edition serves it all up at a high-contrast.

Black & White Edition: comes with a large-scale full color Jsen postal sticker, and assorted printed & hand drawn stickers.

Color Edition: comes with a 4" x 6" color photo, a large-scale full color Jsen postal sticker, assorted printed stickers, and one hand drawn postal from the likes of Jaber, Revise, and more, all in an archival plastic bag.

first edition
Black & White Edition of 200
Color Edition of 300
50 pages double-sided inkjet printed, hand bound 4.25" x 5.5" book

design & production : JSEN - 2018