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Punka did that time honored run between Portland and Dunsmir, on historic tracks that have carried the greatest of bums, hobos, tramps, and oogles alike. The journey was documented through a couple hundred photos and reproduced for you. The landscape is epic, as long caterpillar-like intermodals slink around rolling hill curves, unseen by eyes, waterfalls crash, and giant mountains break through the horizon capped with snow. Glorious travel on America's backbone.

Punka doing what punka does, Rust Box focuses in on the trackside hobo graff, a good deal of monikers, and action shots. Its at least a third graff in this zine. The rest is just the story of some adventurous youth taking the ride of their lives.

comes with a hand drawn 228 label from Punka & a printed joint from random bay area creepers

first edition of 105 copies
88 page full color printing on magazine style paper, perfect bound with heavy gloss cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

** Postage paid in the USA **

design & production : PUNKA - 2021
West Coast, USA