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Runner embodies the "big fish" story for "down under" graffiti. Here are 9 stories of painting clean trains from around the world. There are tales of high schoolers getting lucky on their first time. A success story of a 90's era king from Brisbane traveling to Europe and NYC to paint metros and tracksides. Kato BTM brings an intense nail biter chase story during a hardcore holiday in Melbourne. There's benzodiazepines, snitches, wading across rivers, cutting fences, and dodging cars on the interstate. Runner tells the universal writer's story of coming up large and the house always winning (sometimes).

There are also photos from painted metros across Australia, Europe, New York, Chicago, but this is not what sets this zine apart from the pack. It's filled with life lessons from some true crushers, worthy of multiple afternoons' study, and all kinds of Aussie graffiti slang that makes for fun times. So, grab a few tins, have your matey watch for the jacks, and paint some carriages on an arvo or a red light while you still can...

comes with a printed vinyl sticker

first edition of 200 copies
44 page full color printing on thick matte paper with heavy stock cover - 6" x 8.25"

** Postage paid in the USA **

photos : Aftor, Diagram, Heks, Hickie, Kato, Keys, Moers, Xe, and Yogos - 2021
production: Runner Magazine - 2021