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** Inkjet printing edition - Burnt Bra Press **

Take a ride with Adam Void and friends during the platinum age of train riding; through the trashed jungles of the Northeast, under bridges in California cowboy towns, past golden grain silos of the midwest, and stop at 100+ degree sidings in the armpit of the South. Rider can share a covert adventure with the unacquainted and make the veteran freight rider have flashbacks.

Rider is Adam Void's first full color zine, ever. It chronicles disposable camera & Polaroid 600 photography collected from freight hopping expeditions over the last ten years. Images from the LTD zines (w/ Droid 907), Train Brain, and many more are now reproduced large and in color. These timeless flicks are paired with poetic phraseology, iconic drawings, and an essay on how AVOID started riding trains. All together, Rider is an exceptional oddity produced by San Francisco's heaviest lurkers, Burnt Bra Press.

Comes with a limited edition screenprinted / hand-drawn tent postal sticker.

first edition of 100
30 page color inkjet printing on medium weight paper with a cardstock cover

design : Adam Void
production : Burnt Bra Press - 2018