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Res Hit is back, and like the cover image, this zine brings the fire. For this issue, Emon mixed the youthful adventure vibe and typewritten poetry of issue 1 with a special selection of ultra-Baltimore graffiti legends. The result is well-crafted, exciting zine that properly represents the untamed nature of Baltimore's trashy freight laced underbelly.

Unlike most graff zines where the human element has disappeared and the photos depict the leftover scars, Res Hit #2 has people on every page; their faces either out of shot or obscured by some means. They are catching tags, doing rollers, hanging from ladders, destroying stuff, rocking bboy poses, and hopping rides on coal trains. They are living the dream. Take a look inside and see yourself.

Comes with printed stickers from EMON.

first edition of 100 copies
30 page double-sided color printing on laser paper

design & production : EMON - 2018