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Graffiti partnerships are a special thing, and rarely talked about within the culture. REPULSIVE© tracks the recent adventures of two highly skilled vandals from Germany: SHIMO & SETOP. This zine showcases their broad knowledge of graffiti skills, from tags and bombs, to streets, cargo trains, and clean trains. There are tons of action shots from within the metro system's underbelly, and daytime layup insanity. These guys work hard to bring you a glimpse into their excitingly intense world, covered in scratched out faces, team effort, and thick paint fumes.

Limited to 100 copies, we are proud to have 10% of the total stock here in the states, ready to ship to you. Imported from our trip to Germany, we bring you the premier in underground graffiti culture. SHIMO & SETOP are the truth and can prove it in 34 slick, full color pages. Get this zine while you can, cause REPULSIVE© is anything but...

first edition of 100 copies
34 page color laser printing on some super slick glossy paper, cardstock cover
signed with chrome marker, stamped, and numbered - 5.5" x 8.5"

design & production: THE ORG - 2019