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TAE ONE must have file folders of tagged stickers from New York's finest. He's collected the best Priority Mail labels here in a never-ending display of NYC history. He's got it all from TAKI 183 and SNAKE 1, to all five boroughs and the many of the strongest tourists to leave a permanent mark. The names are only half of it. TAE ONE is also a connoisseur of vintage stickers and has many unique and rare postal labels on display along with many vintage internal postal bulletins from the old school days (pre 9-11).

An ode to the Priority Mail postal label and it's use as a unique handstyle device. This one's got all the names, on all the slaps; those big and wide 2002 & 2004 labels by FAUST & SURE. Express Mail joints from 1984 by COST. Rounded edged with the printer holes 2002 from FELON. A 2006 label from FREEDOM. A squared up 2013 priority from VFR. A big SEMEN sperms with glitter paint on a 2008.

Comes with a couple of nice hand-drawn labels from TAE ONE

second edition of 150 - signed and numbered
8.5" x 5.5" - 30 page full color printing on high quality slick paper with color printed cardstock cover

** Postage Paid in the USA **

design & production: Tae One - 2021