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Freight Trains are typically long horizontal rectangles. This is why landscape formats like they have in Parallel Rails #3 are perfect for showing pictures of painted panels, whole cars, and sunsets. Easr & Eri's new release brings their love of trains and their skilled photographic eye to a beautiful place where snakes crawl through ballast, monikers get equal play as pieces, and spray painted color fades hold strong over layers of sexy rust.

The photos in Parallel Rails #3 are so crisp and clear, it is easy to read the Rum Runner, Retribalize, and Virginia Zeke signatures on the margins of a fading cursive Diar joint, next to a Jase hollow on a cracked and textured RBOX. They give a full 11" spread to an ancient Ges 3A wholecar that looks like it has been sitting in the Texas sun for centuries. There are also plenty of popping color and technical new school styles featured here, but it is obvious that Easr & Eri are aware of and appreciate the aesthetics and names of the last 30 years with stamped rusties from Eye, Oil, Ichabod, Maple, Yen 34, and more. Overall, it's a gorgeous zine that would make anyone long for the silence of the yard.

comes with a Parallel Rails printed sticker

first edition of 100 copies
46 page double sided color printing on shiny laser paper with cardstock cover - 8.5" x 5.5" landscape

design & production: Parallel Rails - 2020