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No Phone Home #2 blends late-night blazed cartoon network doodles and 8-bit video games with distorted stretch and bend graffiti to excellent success. The overall quality reminds me of a happier, rural, DIY, 21st century version of Life Sucks Die. This zine is slam-packed with content that will make you question the limits of your spraycan style and placement.

We are so excited to share these epics works from HEST FTV CYC. "No Phone Home #2" is a glorious adventure through the graffiti pocked back-country of the Hudson Valley area of upper New York. There must be something trippy in the water up there, because the drawings, paintings, and photographs in this zine are next level freak out. It's not all toyed out newbie graff either. These folks know the ropes, but twisted them up into the craziest knot that you could never untie.

comes with 3 hand drawn stickers from the CYC & FTV extended family including GRIZ, HEST, HAVEK, GRABR, BK68, HOWIE, and more... as well as a printed HEST smiley sticker.

first edition of 30
32 page full color on glossy paper, perfect bound with heavy cardstock cover. **beautiful production** hand numbered

design & production : HEST FTV - 2018