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This is the first installment from the beautiful series "No Phone Home", featuring experimental designs from the wild boys of a forgotten land. As the title suggests, these pages are just too far out there to get back home.

No Phone Home #1 is a black and white (yin & yang) collection of sketches and drawings from HEST & the Hudson Valley graffiti freak club. Ball point pen and marker experiments in letter form and character studies pack every page. Clearly these guys are some sort of grandchild from the TFP crew's typographical mutations mixed with the guttural bug-eyed cartooning of 00 Adult Swim residue.
Don't be afraid of the color being removed from this issue. Take it home, study the basic forms, and remix into your work to reach the next level.

Comes with two full color postcards and 3 stickers (hand drawn & printed) from the HEST FTV CYC.

first edition of 30
32 page b/w printing on glossy paper, perfect bound with heavy cardstock cover. - full size 8.5" x 11"
**beautiful production** hand numbered

design & production : HEST FTV - 2018


  • Image of NO PHONE HOME #1 - HEST FTV
  • Image of NO PHONE HOME #1 - HEST FTV
  • Image of NO PHONE HOME #1 - HEST FTV