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A small but detailed study devoted to the work and thoughts behind the esoteric "civilian" tagger, Nirvana Rules NGC. This zine features six pages with street photos of Nirvana Rules graffiti, a brief essay on band names written on walls, and a three page interview with the writer. Throw in a gatefold poster of remixed Incesticide album art, a block printed cover, and a unique sticker to round out this strange and special zine.

"In a similar way to the Guerrillero Heroico image of Che Guevara, Nirvana have also been co-opted as an overused branding image. In that sense anyone who sees Nirvana Rules will instantly recognise it. Unlike an overstylised tag that the average member of the public wouldn’t be able to read let alone relate to. However, reclaimed from the surface of a black t-shirt and re-interpreted in a different way Nirvana Rules takes on a new form. The final pages of the zine contain an interview with the actual Nirvana Rules tagger. As a fan of the band she finds it hard to “stomach all the hype around Nirvana as a fashion statement”. Her tag came about as a rejection of graffiti conventions rather than a statement on the band’s image though. Nirvana Rules was bored with just “watching the boys paint” and wanted to join in without adhering to the self-aggrandising ‘rules’ of graff. In keeping with the intention Nirvana Rules has never produced some complicated wild style at a legal spot and remains an honest tagger."
Thomas Chambers - Graffiti Review

We have 9 final copies of this limited edition of 150
12 page b/w on colored paper with gatefold centerpiece

design & production : Adam Void - 2017