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NGC #3 covers the modern era of this US graffiti crew's 12 year history in high contrast, cut and paste, hand assembled, old school graffiti zine style. This one features pieces, throws, and tags from all the classic NGC family along with newer additions to the crew; Ruiner, Tride, Omega 3, Perse, Sabat, Paul, Bayou, and Roskoe. The pages are full of action shots, rollers, fire extinguishers, trucks, trains, and spontaneous creative damage from the preeminent marginal New Glue Crew.

The NGC Crew has left their mark all over this country, from the weed covered hills of California, through the train yards of the Midwest, up to the Northeast Kingdom, and down into their home in the Dirty South. This zine captures just a fraction of their work in the '10 decade, and sets the stage for any future crew of rag-tag upstarts who want to see how it is done. NGC #3 is the inaugural release from Cut In The Fence in 2020, and Adam Void's first graffiti zine (see: Permanent Ink) in over 10 years. Grab a copy while you can.

Comes with a printed sticker from the NGC'ers, and assorted stickers from the crew.

first edition of 100
44 page black & white printing on high quality laser paper with light green cardstock cover & color accent sticker

design : Adam Void - 2019
production : Cut in the Fence - 2020