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Minor Leagues #10 flirts with the concept of a personal zine, while being cut into pieces and thrown into the bottom of a dustbin (during the COVID outbreak, no less). Simon finds traces of quotidian history all around him, and exposes the reader to a legacy of objects and landscapes that have outlived all of our experiences. In addition to these conceptual strengths, the zine looks beautiful with a starkly DIY photocopied aesthetic which has been cultivated by an indie youth in the 90's.

Simon Moreton looks at the world in a different way. He peels back the layers of place and time to reveal the foundations and first causes that have propelled us into where we currently live. His writing is clear, common, and understandable, his brush and pen drawings are cryptic, gestural, and alive, and he has created tons of zines from his home-base in Bristol, UK. Come dive into the world of a true outsider visionary nobody. Get your copy of Minor Leagues #10 now.

first edition of 250 copies
70 page black/white printing, staple bound with an accent colored cover - A4 sized

design & production : Simon Moreton - 2020

If you live outside of the US, please order from Simon https://smoo.bigcartel.com/product/minor-leagues-10