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Here is a document of our times. It's the voice of a man who wanders for discovery, for adventure, for his sanity, and for friendship. A human's voice in all its flaws, umms, and paradoxes. Marcher Arrant freestyles on some interesting concepts that deserve more time; the open-door policy between traveling graffiti writers, the railroad tracks as an autonomous zone for rebellious youth, the differences between European and American freight trains, and many more. I hope to listen to this record years from now, to hear the still young voice of a messed up dreamer trying his best.

The zine shows 20+ photos from Marcher and Freight Digger's excursions into the freight yards surrounding the outskirts of Paris. A couple of action shots, a couple monikers, and some great closeups from the European rolling stock. All together, we are truly pleased to bring you this special custom release from across the pond.

first edition of 100
Double-sided 12" 33rpm vinyl record with hand-made cover from Creature Custom, and a 24 page zine, full color inside with a glossy cover - 6" x 8.25"

** Postage paid in the US **

design & production : Freight Digger / Violon d'Ingres Editions - 2022
Paris, France

** Ships to USA only **
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