LTD 2 - DROID 907 & AVOID pi

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LTD 2 - DROID 907 & AVOID pi

This is the last copy of this 2011 freight-hopping graffiti masterpiece that we found in the deeeep files. This is a first edition copy; warts and all.

"...features stories from their adventures riding freights across the country. In the urban jungle where pretty much everything gets you arrested, their tales of run-ins and writing trains is enough to make any New Yorker want to eject themselves from the city for a taste of the fun."
Rhiannon Platt - Vandalog

first edition of 323 copies
36 page b/w with extra 4 page graff insert and 5 page text addendum

design : DROID 907 & AVOID pi
production : Adam Void - 2011