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Bad Publications sends out a chronicle of what's what from the big city of Melbourne, Australia. LOST & FOUND. has that youth-gone-wild vibe with tagging, racking, bombing, drips & grime, twisted cartoon characters, and forty ounces. The black and white, cut and paste style packs the action in deep. Isore acting a fool catching spray under an umbrella. Insane Dwane getting freights, clean trains, and trucks. There are pages of actions shots, mattress tags, and an 80 year old lady putting chrome on a trash can. Find out what the other side is doing while you were sleeping.

Bad Publications could only ship over ten copies of this one. Get yours while you can. People sleep on what's happening in AustralAsia. They have that West Coast meets Hong Kong while stuck in the desert style. If you are looking to widen your benching beyond what the algorithm feeds you, get funky with these kids.

first edition of 100 copies, hand numbered
38 page black & white printing from a color printer with a laser cardstock cover - 6" x 8.5"

design & production: BAD PUBLICATIONS - 2020