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Introducing ROMS, a graffiti writer with an emphasis on writing; pens, markers, mops, white-out, paper labels, handstyles, and simplified faces. Junk Drawer can be interpreted in different ways. Is this a compilation of random pieces of paper thrown into the top drawer of his side table? A collaged book of sketches and toss-aways that collectively add up to a summary of Roms' personal language. Or is it a reference to the act of drawing and the clutter produced by an addiction to doodling? Either way, this zine is a good opening shot for a writer who obviously understands his take on the variable signs and symbols of graffiti.

Roms has a way with character heads, taking equal influence from old school subway era writers, Adult Swim brain-rot, and traditional tattoo culture. Their expressions are varied. They got humans, rats, cats, dogs, wolves, and skulls. Roms has that West Coast throwie and hand style happening, full of stars, drips, and doodads, nods to Mque and others. Junk Drawer shows a developed graffiti writer ready to make a splash. We hope this is on the street and freights, rocking just as hard as it is on paper. Grab one and absorb some funk.

comes with more than ten hand drawn and printed stickers, a sketch on notebook paper, and a fortune telling miracle fish, all wrapped up in a tagged priority mail envelope.

first edition of 100 copies
38 page slick black and white printing on glossy paper with high gloss color cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

** Postage paid in the US **

design & production: ROMS ONE - 2021