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Here's another serious book that you wont find anywhere else. Jimboe is a long-time New England piecer and yard lurker with a completionist eye for detail and nuance. He compiled 116 photos of those wooden staple plates on boxcars that typically have bad order sheets or air sheets stuck on them. I'm sure you have painted over them, having some suck up the spray while others crust & fade before the steel does. Bad Order invites you to take a closer look at this often overlooked freight feature.

We have 15 copies of this niche book, made just for Cut in the Fence to share with you. It reads like beautiful abstractions, time capsules, or windows into a more familiar marking. Swooping outlines, highlights, textured fills, broken chunks, missing or replaced panels, remnants of monikers tucked nearby, layers of staples and gouges. This aint no quick read. Get your hands on this limited edition art piece from this dedicated head in his own right.

comes with two bold name, printed stickers

second edition of 15 exclusively for Cut in the Fence
signed by JIMBOE
116 page full color printing on laser paper with a satin cardstock cover, perfect bound - 8.5" x 5.5"

** Postage paid in the US **

design & production: JIMBOE YL - 2021