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Here they are. Hot off the presses. This is the First Edition of Adam Void's first full length twisted mountain folk, alt-country diatribe, hand screen printed by the underground legend Christopher Fischer at Unread Records. Hard Times is the most complete statement of life in the 2021 simulation game theory.

"Adam Void approaches the record with a gonzo sensibility, using rudimentary home recording tools to create a warped, surreal, garbage-blues artifact. Sometimes it sounds like Kid Rock banging pots and pans while playing gutbucket in a back alley. Other times it sounds like a malfunctioning carousel at the world’s most threadbare carnival. There’s a chiptune cover of “Oh Susannah,” a glitchy ode to dollar stores, numerous piercing drones, and an a capella track called “dog hair lungs” that sounds like one of Beefheart’s classic campfire rambles. It’s goofy, strange stuff, and it’s delightful all the way through." - Bored in Pittsburgh

First Edition of 100 copies.
Run Time : 30 minutes

** Postage paid in the US **

sounds and images : Adam Void - 2021
production : Unread Records - 2021
Pittsburgh, USA