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Graff history nerds from around the globe, join hands with some hardcore Chicago OGs. This bedtime story is a must read. GRIME TIME is packed with nice styles from the third city; tons of walls, handstyles, bombing, and quite a few images of clean trains. It's got many of the names you would expect in Wyse, Thor, True, Drug, Xmen crew, and AOM crew, a true 2011 time capsule. If that wasn't enough, Grime Time takes you on a trip to a slept on St. Louis with six pages of funk from Vatoe, Guer, Durag, Elmer, Red Fox, Shock and more. It also has aged flicks from the Paint Louis classic jam. If you don't know, now you know.

This issue takes you waaaay back to the beginning with an eleven page interview with Mike Pengo, a northside originator and late 80's to 90's king with the GMC and TAC crews. His conversation with Ghetto P details the city's progression from
bus insides to rooftops off the L Trains into the production era and the epic writer's meetups. It's super deep knowledge that is pretty hard to find. Ghetto P also drops a page full of legal advice that are wise words to live by and much more than just "deny everything." With dense writing and many unseen classic flicks, Grime Time #4 deserves to be in your collection.

second edition of 400
34 page double sided full color printing on magazine stock with full color cardstock cover - 8.5" x 11"

design & production: GHETTO P - 2011 (new old stock)