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Grilled vol.1 shows some deep graffiti documentation from the first half of this bonkers year, 2021. Punka traveled from Portland to New York and back to the Bay, shooting streets and freights all on 35mm film. Then he went and laid them all out on 370 pages for your partially locked down enjoyment.

So many spray cans were murdered for this book. The bombing looks very fresh and contemporary; rollgates and retaining walls. Freights are nicely mixed with plenty of fading greats from the early zeros, armns to coil cars, monikers galore, whole cars and characters. Photos are loosely classified by type of hit and writer and all of a sudden you will find yourself in 20 pages of sf tags, and not too long later you'll be in 15 pages of rollers. Too much here to describe. Delete the internet, here is the history of the first half of this year.

comes with a hand drawn 228 label from Punka

first edition of 100 copies
370 page full color printing on magazine style paper with heavy gloss cover - 5.5" x 8.5" - as legit as any book

** Postage paid in the USA **

design & production : PUNKA - 2021