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Those nights of eerie quiet, when there is nobody around but you and them. The yellowish glare of the sodium lights against the silence of a city asleep. There are our moments, and are rarely shared partly because they are so difficult to capture. Fuck Fame has done just this; showing process shots and photos of the complicated approach needed to paint metro trains in Europe during 2019.

Fuck Fame is made by the same anonymous nobodies that are depicted in the images; faces wrapped in masks, headlamps, respirators, hi-viz vests, and the backs of heads. If you are looking for finished spray pieces on trains which are properly lit and shout out specific names, this is not the zine for you. If you want to own what we see as the best window into the train-yard graffiti lifestyle, get this one while you still can.

Comes with a sticker from the CITY FUCK guys

first edition of 250 copies
34 page full color printing on thick matte paper, hand numbered - 5.5" x 8.5"

design & production: FUCK FAME - 2019