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Freight Noise is the next level of minizine experience. Listen to the sounds of the rails while reading the words and feeling the images. Hit the rails with AVOID and MTN; sit in the jungle, under the tarp, drinking warm beers, waiting for something to move.

AVOID and MTN NGC ride trains in the pouring rain for one week. This cassette has field recordings of crunching gravel, air brakes, slow rides, and high-balling through the South. Recorded onto a clear cassette with white out and scribed labeling. The insert is a mutation of the standard minizine, with collaged photos from MTN and an essay from Adam Void on the inside folds.

"Listen to “Freight Noise”, on your own time, and also fall in love, with what it means to “plod along” and “deliver".
To sweeten the pot of danger-free novelty, A.VOID provides an earnest account (mini-zine) of what it meant for them (and a friend) to hop trains for two weeks, through the south, in the rain.
Tape release includes a gorgeously earnest manifesto/zine. This is pretty much why an ephemeral tape culture exists, right?"

- Jacob An Kittenplan - Cassette Gods

Limited Edition of 88.
Run Time : 11 minutes

** Postage paid in the US **

design & production : Adam Void - 2019
photos & real life: MTN NGC
North Carolina, USA