ERI has an eye for detail, specifically focusing in on the distressed peeling, cracking, and fading of railroad steel. In this new zine, she dials in with the simplicity of a true railfan. Each page features a letter of the Latin alphabet separated from the context of it's supporting RR logo, framed with close-up chemical burn surrounding. It could easily be read as a children's book or an advanced mind puzzle, depending on your mental state.

It's fun to guess the reference point for each letter. Even the deepest foamer would struggle. Yeah, that's a Rio Grande G, but what's the L from? ERI included a cheat sheet notecard that explains it all. Color theorists, photographers, and typographers will get a kick out of this zine as well...

comes with a printed card that gives away all the secrets.

first edition of 100 copies
30 page full color printing on silky matte paper with heavy stock cover - 6" x 6"

** Postage paid in the USA **

design & production : ERI / BOOK PUPPY - 2022
Republic of Texas