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The trains are talking, and Freight Dialogue is here to capture their raw poetry. This intimately sized new zine from the folks who brought you Parallel Rails is a focused look at the company markings that dot the rolling stock of North America. There are close ups of build dates from the late 70's and load limit stencils with streaks tucked in nicely. There are old rusted logos from Middle-American shortlines, cracking safety stickers, and waterlogged bad order tickets.

In many ways, this is one of my favorite zines focusing on freights. It is a close up on the romantic elements of time; faded colors, battle scars, dated graphic design, and forgotten coded internal communication. Graffiti is still here, but as ancillary elements. Pieces are taped off or misted around the central markings. Backgrounds, outlines, and forcefields. Buff marks, drips, and doodads. Scratches, rust, and dirt.

first edition of 100 copies
22 page full color printing on velvet paper with a velvet color cardstock cover - 4.25" x 5.75"

design & production : ERI - 2020