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GARE * VOYER * KOMA * BOGUS * VOYER * GARE * VOYER * KOMA * GARE * BOGUS * C-ROT * VOYER * GOD HATES TAGS * but he loves bold name graffiti stickers.

This zine dials deep into the lifecycle of eggshell bold name graffiti stickers. Specifically the ones created in part by VOYER, which have been produced in the tens of thousands and placed onto locations and objects all over the DC metro area and beyond. EPHEMERAL shows what happens to these stickers when viewers try to peel, scrape off, draw over, scratch out, line through, and paint over them. Their repeated presence seems to create a intense desire to remove them from sight, but since these stickers have been designed to be vandal proof, they find a way to remain. Poetic in it's simplicity, it accurately captures an often overlooked side to sticker graffiti.

EPHEMERAL also contains two pages of reddit-looking conversation from a DC local internet forum about their stickers. The perspectives span confusion, know-it-all's, urban myths, and just pure amazement. Makes for another timely recording of how graffiti functions in the year 2020.

comes with at an eggshell GARE VOYER sticker.

second edition of 65 copies
26 page black/white printing with hand coffee & tea stained cover on ivory cardstock - 8.5" x 5.5"

content : VOYER - 2020
production : Cut in the Fence - 2020