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Doom Spiral #11 got me wishing that I could read the first ten. This zine definitely feels like it came from the past, in a good way. During this time when humor feels ever so far away, Doom Spiral wraps up the worlds largest blunt, pulls out out an exacto and a can of spray paint to get this party started. Having studied the history of Big Brother magazine, and early While You Were Sleeping, Doom Spiral #11 renews this tradition for dub decade (2020's).

The graff is strong, shooting spots from the mean streets of Buffalo, NY. The collage elements are simple and striking, pulling equal influence from Dada, memes, and Winston Smith. There's the sharpie drawn subversive & dark one-liners. Don't forget the culture specific Doom Spiral corporate logo theft, reminding me of late 90s rave era and pop punk high school lunchrooms. Also quite a few pages of transgressive analog film photos which could have been taken yesterday or 30 years ago, all the time just blends together.

first edition of 100 copies
32 page full color printing on laser paper, staple bound with a color cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

design & production : Doom Spiral Zine / Bummer Planet - 2020