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Welcome to the world of MUFI and the mutants. They explore the rail lines of Tarraco, Spain, baking oil bars into the wanting surface of European freight giants. MUFI joins forces with Germany's WOLF DAUBIN and the wandering Texan tramp, KARSO. Hi-jinks ensue. Their drawings circle the continent like blood in a monster's veins. It is absolute beauty to see the moniker tradition brought to life through another continent's reinterpretation. If you are about it, you should really get it.

The zine is made in a DIY cut and paste style with torn edges and fingernail polish outlines. The wrinkles and packing tape mix well with sewn thread and xerox production. Punk is truth and the rails are it's womb.

second edition of 50 copies
24 page black and white printing on copy paper - 6" x 8.25"

design: MUFI de TARRACO - 2020
production: L.P.A. BOOKS - 2020