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Freight train overload! Derail comes full speed once again with another frenetic zine. The colors are popping. The text is loud. You gotta flip your head or the book (depending on your style) to see all the packed-in images. Derail Freight Zine is supported through submissions from across the continent, so that keeps the viewpoints and the locations varied, bringing you flicks from all the major carriers and lots of short lines.

There are lots of great monikers from @monikermikes, autoracks from south of the border courtesy of @train.killrz, drone shots of a REM double wholecar from @up_shit_creek, and stylized mood shots from @snafu375, just to name a few. This issue also has an interesting 8 page interview from @2alcorazon; a contemporary printmaker from Mexico who is influenced by the rich tradition of Mexican printing but adds a fresh neo-folk freight head twist in his work. The result of all this shows how diverse an audience is inspired by trains and how different their interpretations can be.

comes with a printed sticker, a postcard, and a screen printed patch from @2alcorazon

** Five lucky people will get a special embroidered patch to go with the loot. They are really cool! **

first edition of 100 copies
54 page double sided full color printing on laser paper with full color velvety cardstock cover - 8.5" x 5.5" horizontal

design & production: DERAIL FREIGHT ZINE - 2021

** Postage paid in the USA **