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Them DERAIL boys are back with another hardcopy bench report, straight from their cutty secret spots sprinkled throughout the good ol' US of A. Freight trains are the name of the game, and that's what you'll get right here in this zine. They've got photos from workers, lurkers, and berserkers. Shots of full car pieces, teched out autoracks, old school streaks, foamer shots of old cabooses and engines, romantic rail sides, and so much more.

Derail Fall '20 has speaks a secret language that goes way beyond painted panels. This zine talks to those who have iron in their blood, those who dream freight. If you have been stuck inside for the last year and have that wandering spirit, grab this new issue and teleport yourself under the stone arched trestle, sip on a cold beer and listen to the lonesome whistle blow.

comes with a printed sticker, a hand drawn label from The Railroad Romantic, and a beautiful 5" x 7" film print

** One lucky person will get a special stamp and insta-address on the back of their print. DM the homie for a free limited edition extra. **

first edition of 80 copies
44 page double sided full color printing on laser stock with full color heavy cardstock cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

design & production: DERAIL FREIGHT ZINE - 2020