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FTP Distro pushes that anarchist infozine content in a free, no copyright, bare bones way. It's exciting to see that they also put out work from graffiti writers, connecting the sometimes-hip and often empty practice of writing your name on other people's stuff with the metaphorical potential graffiti has as a rebellious political act.

Create /// Destroy has a few outright DC area connections to this "talking to the people" type of public writing with images of the infamous SURRENDER DOROTHY graff, BUSH HATES BORF, and a nice BRIDGES NOT WALLS highway roll down. This zine also has lots dark flicks of barely legible graff peaking out from the margins. A computer typed on top of these pages, but we think that's part of it. Go to FTP Distro to understand the aesthetic.

comes with a printed sheet of paper labels from the WSLS kids

second edition of 25
21 page black xerox printing on white copy paper - 5.5" x 8.5"

** Postage paid in the US **

design : BADCAT WSLS - 2013
production : FTP DISTRO - 2021