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Yeah buddy, this is that real graffiti game. We're talking clean trains, metros, transit; whatever you want to call it, this is how all this shit started. Worldwide, this form of graffiti has found a way to stay alive despite heavy pressure from the authorities. In the USA, painting public transit is done by an elite group of writers and is difficult to even know that it exists. The trains rarely run their routes while painted and the photos are kept under lock and key, in the family.

Cut In The Fence is proud to bring this rare document of 21st Century clean train graffiti. There are photos of panels on assorted Chicago-land lines, trains from Philly & Boston, as well as Bay area transit. Follow To Lead also has beautiful process shots detailing the difficult security hurdles these writers brave. Order is safety, Chaos is allure, Balance is mastery.

The anonymous authors sum it up in this statement: "This is a sharing of the experiences and friends we've gathered from participating in a high risk form of graffiti."

first edition of 100 copies
38 page full color printing on thick matte paper with heavy stock cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

** Postage paid in the USA **

design : Anonymous - 2021
production : Cut In The Fence - 2021
Nowhere, USA