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This is the best European graffiti magazine currently in print. You heard it here first.

Underground Productions is no longer. Magic Moments has stopped. Graphotism done schism'd. The year is 2020 and we can clearly read the writing on the wall. You are not alone, and you might not be crushing it... In CITY FUCK #6, you can check out what is happening right now on the other side of the globe. German S-Bahns, rooftop bangers, polished productions, assorted bombed regionals, half demolished abandos, tripped out abstracts, all this and a 90's era history lesson thrown in for good measure.

So many styles from miles and miles away. 161 dense pages of full color, toy-free graffiti on European metros, walls, and freights; techie tweak outs, smooth criminals, big block smash outs, and experimental spritzers. Every shot is clear & balanced, and a shining example of the interconnected small world of the graffiti game. Get City Fuck #6 for the color schemes, the letter styles, and the inspiration.

Comes with a chrome City Fuck printed sticker and a 12" x 17" poster signed by DEER.

first edition of 500 copies
161 page full color laser printing on laser paper, hand stamped & numbered, perfect bound - 6.5" x 9.5"

design & production: CITY FUCK - 2020

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