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The boys from Hamburg are jet setting around the continent to bring you the best in walls, metros, cargo trains, and street bombing across Europe. City Fuck #5 has a party vibe that cam be felt throughout this zine. Within the 130 pages (!!!) of this dense survey, you can feel the universal desire to get up with the most unique style and placement in order to scratch that itch. City Fuck #5 has the slick full color printing and high quality binding of a book, but the size and aesthetic of contemporary zines. Broaden your mind outside of the US East Coast / West Coast binary, and take in the best styles and color schemes Europe as to offer.

The range of styles shown in City Fuck #5 is pretty outstanding. The prototypical wide and fluffy metro pieces are here along with their high tech abstraction counterparts. There are large scale rollers and lean downs on buildings older than the Unites States, antistyle experiments on decaying infrastructure, and giant full color detailed character pieces on legal walls. There are even features on specific writers like DITO, SHIZOE, and the HOBO GANG. You can't beat the breadth of names, styles, and locations that City Fuck has to offer for the super affordable price they are pushing. Get it !!

Comes with 3 printed stickers, a poster, and a build-it-yourself paper cop car

first edition of 500 copies
130 page full color laser printing on laser paper, hand stamped & numbered, perfect bound - 6.5" x 9.5"

design & production: CITY FUCK - 2019