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City Fuck is Europe's premier graffiti magazine... DIY in many ways (hand cut ransom note titles, low quantity printed, hand stamped front cover), but also quite professional (huge size, clean layout & design, business-minded makers). These guys always have a wide variety of graff styles represented. There is lots to learn here for someone not well versed with piece evolution on the other side of the pond. They got giant chrome blocky-busters on highway walls, tunnel lurking bucket paint antistylers, juicy color bursting metro trains, and technical hybrid styles on hidden concrete bunkers just to name a few.

Where else can you get a 160 page chunky block of the freshest Euro styles and not pay a grip for postage? Take a gander at what their lockdown produced. It just might tide you over until you can go on your own spraycation.

comes with two City Fuck printed stickers (one chrome), two printed stickers from SHOP, and a really interesting 12" x 17" City Fuck poster

first edition of 500 copies
160 page full color laser printing on laser paper, hand stamped & numbered, perfect bound - 6.5" x 9.5"

design & production: CITY FUCK - 2021
Hamburg, Germany

** Postage paid in the US **
** Domestic & Canada shipping only for this one ** Too heavy for oceans :)