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CELL PHONE PHOTOS is another vibrant example of post-internet zine making. TERPS acknowledges the impermanence of pictures taken with a cell phone; how they end up in either the literal or digital recycle bin. Instead, he has saved them here in print form along with their respective file names (accidentshappen.jpg, texassizedappetite.jpg, etc.) to share with others and keep alive in some analog way. His subjects follow his immediate interests of graffiti in South Carolina, trains, drugs, police, religion, and blurs. Discover what lies inside the can of spam.

"This is a compilation of cell phone photos, screen shots, and downloads. Friends, enemies, various strange pictures, things that make me laugh, strangers, trains, etc. Some are online and some aren't, but the main purpose of this zine is to serve as some tangible evidence that these photos existed, instead of being lost forever as so many already have." - Terps

second edition of 50 copies
40 pages black and white printing on colored paper with a vintage cardstock cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

design : TERPS - 2019
production : Cut in the Fence - 2020